Jul 22 2014

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Tweet Tracking – July 2014

Here at Umoove, we keep our finger held tight on the pulse of the eye tracking world. Each day there seems to be more interest, more innovation and more products being released.

Let’s have a look back at some of our favorited tweets from the past few weeks that have to do with eye tracking.


Business Insider put out an article with twenty nine heat maps to help people understand eye tracking. At first glance (pun of the year?) it seemed like there was nothing new here; as if we needed an eye tracking study to know which part of Scarlett Johansson’s body men like looking at. However, this article had one picture that was particularly interesting. They studied eye tracking in a real life setting (as opposed to a strictly digital setting).

Here is the picture with the heatmap overlay and a strong message for retailers.

Place a product slightly left of center in a store display to get it the most attention.

Heatmap signifying the importance of product location in a retail store.

Heatmap signifying the importance of product location in a retail store.


This tweet links to an awesome article that beautifully articulates the case for gaze tracking (a special kind of eye tracking where the camera tracks exactly what on the screen is being looked at and for how long – see live example here). This article is certainly worth the read as gaze tracking is undoubtedly the future of eye tracking and online advertising.

This tweet links to an article that opens with the following question: “How many times have you wished you knew what an interviewer was thinking?”


Any who has ever had a job interview could relate to that question. There is nothing worse than walking into the belly of the beast not knowing for sure how people are viewing you and judging you.

The entire study is fascinating as it gives us lay-folk a view into minds of the upper echelons of society; those who are worthy to interview us. They examined how recruiters/employers view LinkedIN profiles of job candidates. This totally makes sense, right? Employers, after all, are just like us; upon hearing/seeing a new name they immediately Google it. It is your responsibility as an applicant to make sure that you have the best possible online represenatation of yourself, which, according to this article is as professional as possible.

Here is the most interesting line from the piece: Since the study found that on average, a recruiter only spent six seconds reviewing an individual resume, the only other information they scan for is keywords that match the position for which you are applying.

So. Until next time, those were a few of our favorite eye tracking Tweets. Check back soon for an update on the Twitter Primary and more.

Play me off Johnny….

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