Sep 15 2014

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Watch your Wallet

Well, here we go again. Apple has amazingly defied the odds and the rules of the internet – still making tons of headlines and dominating the Twittersphere almost a full week after their big event.

As a blog that is dedicated to covering futuristic technology we were naturally drawn to cover this story but instead of looking at our wrists we’re looking at our pockets. Just how much is the Apple Watch going to cost?

Apple Inc. Reveals Bigger-Screen iPhones Alongside Wearables

The Apple watch (and yes that’s what it’s called, even though folks keep saying iWatch)  will start at $350 for the basic version and then go up from there.

According to this article from Yahoo Tech, the fanciest version of the watch - gold - could cost up to $10,000! That amount of money can buy you several iPad’s and MacBook Pro’s and still leave you with some leftover change for music from iTunes.

The question is clear — is it worth it, or are high-end watch buyers better off with a classic time piece like a Rolex, which will never go out of style or run outdated technology. Let us know your thoughts.


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