Feb 03 2015

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Eye Tracking to Help People

What a Super Bowl! Prime time, family time, eating time. A few hours of awesome commercials, uncomfortable commercials, ups, downs and throwbacks.

One commercial that caught our eye (punintentional) was Microsoft’s “#empowering” ad. It profiles a boy named Braylon O’Neill who has prosthetic legs due to the fact that he was born missing the tibia and fibula bones in both of his legs.

The lesson to be learned from here is that through technology, people around the world can overcome what used to be life shattering physical limitations.

As we continue to blanket the world with eye tracking technology delivered from a software only platform, Umoove is specifically focused on the mobile health sector (this shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as our newest release is called “uHealth”.) This blog, going forward, will continue to be a place to discuss, uncover and analyze budding technology, but it will mainly serve as a outlet for the outstanding medical advances that eye tracking provides or can provide.

The truth is – you really don’t have to look so far. Here is last year’s “#empowering” commercial from Microsoft. The future is now.

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