Feb 27 2015

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Eyes in the Cloud

The greatest of all American traditions got under way last week: spring training. Just when it feels like winter has been going on forever and there is no end in sight, when articles and videos are all over the internet with pictures and videos of snow in the North East, pitchers and catchers are enjoying time in the sun preparing for a season that they hope will last until October. Alas, there is hope. Light (and warmth) at the end of the tunnel. As spring begins, students across the country will suffer from what teachers call “head in the clouds”. But what about the eyes? Can they also be the clouds?


software only eye tracking

Meet Saccadous, an Arizona based company that built a company around the idea of using eye tracking to detect and diagnose different neurological diseases through eye tracking. (the video below discusses Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and more). Although this idea is by no means new, the key here is early detection. This eye tracker is designed to detects neurological diseases.

It comes in the form of a piece of hardware that magnetically clips onto a tablet or computer. It scans the eyes of a patient and then sends the movements to the cloud where a new patents eye movement will be compared to someone who has been diagnosed with a neurological disease.

Here is a video of CEO Craig Caffarelli who says that says there are 200 million working parts between the eyes and the brain, and this eye tracker is a non-invasive way to look inside.

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