May 04 2015

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Jerusalem: Where Eye Tracking Lives

We’ve always been proud to be a Jerusalem based company! But what does our city have in common with Stockholm, Santa Monica, Buenos Aires and Pune? The five of us were listed as emerging tech hubs in our respective regions in a piece that was recently run by Time Magazine.

Here’s what they said:

Jerusalem: Where Eye Tracking Lives

1. Jerusalem

Best known as the ancient city holy to billions of people around the world, Jerusalem has experienced a reawakening and offers an extraordinary blend of history and modernity not found elsewhere on the globe.

The city has become a flourishing center for biomed, cleantech, Internet/mobile startups, accelerators, investors and supporting service providers. There is even a group called Made in Jerusalem, which connects and provides resources for the local startup ecosystem.

In addition, Hebrew University, a top research university, and other colleges, are located in Jerusalem, ensuring a steady pipeline of local talent.

Not to mention, transplants and commuters from nearby Tel Aviv, widely considered the second most important tech hub in the world, has contributed to a ripe atmosphere of innovation in Jerusalem. The ancient city today is not just rich in history, but is full of promise and creativity for the future.

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