May 11 2015

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The Eyes that Bind

Is display advertising dead? This recent article says that the average click-through rate on display ads is 0.1% (that is roughly the same percentage of years that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series since their establishment in 1870).

Eye tracking may have provided the miracle remedy that this business needs and as it turns out, display ads are only mostly dead. The solution could be placing advertisements within images (as people’s eyes are naturally drawn to images they see on their screen). To prove this point, we point out that in the Twitterverse, photos average a 35 percent boost in retweets.

Take the below image, for example. According to the article every single person rolled their eyes over the image ad (they averaged four seconds) Even more incredible, is that the people who looked at the ad lead to a click through rate of 2.37%.


eye tracking and advertising

Eye tracking study showing the effectiveness of images in advertising


The eyes are the window the brain — advertisers should be doing everything in they can to leverage the power of images on the internet in order to attract users and earn a higher CTR.


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