Jun 30 2015

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Out Of The Eyes of Babes

Talk about a long term commitment!

Researchers in Europe tracked eye movement in infants in order to predict behavioral patterns up to ten years down the road!

We’ve often written here that the eyes are the window the the brain but these researchers have taken that idea to an entirely new level. Here is a link to the full detailed article.

eye tracking infants

Eye tracking was employed on infants to predict how they would behave years down the road.


Angelica Ronald (the senior author on the study) said “We were amazed to find that these differences linked to how children were when they were older. So, the children who flicked around the screen more and had a shorter dwell time, to use the terms we used, were a bit more active as older children, a bit more impulsive and they had a bit more behavior problems as well”.

The article does note that the research is still in it’s early stages, however, it is certainly an indicator that eye tracking is making its way towards ubiquity.

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