Apr 25 2014

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A Few of Our Favorited Tweets of the Week


After a brief hiatus from blogging due to the Passover holiday here in Israel it is finally that time of week again. As a wise man once said “here are a few of our favorited tweets”. Once a week we will use this space to highlight each weeks’ top three tweets about eye-tracking.

Hit it boys (CUE MUSIC)!!!

In short; asked and answered. Umoove released a demo in January called the Umoove Experience. The app lets users feel as if they are controlling a flying avatar through an ancient village using only gentle face movements.

In not-so-short; this is a common mistake. People are generally conscious of where and when they are moving their faces. Eye movement, on the other hand, is spontaneous and subconscious. If one were using their eyes to control a game their avatar would be all over the place, creating an utterly un-enjoyable situation.

This tweet linked to an awesome piece about eye-tracking  by a fellow named Neil Patel. Needless to say, this is Umoove’s bread and butter. We eat articles like this up. Now only does it highlight the importance of eye-tracking but it is so well done that it makes the entire industry look good. I won’t ruin the article here but it’s just another reminder why the most important letter in eye-tracking is “F”, not “I”.

This tweet (along with thousands others like it) link to stories about Amazons upcoming phone release which is rumored to have a 3D eye-tracking feature. Very cool (if its true).


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