May 12 2014

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Tweet Tracking – May 1-12 2014

Good morning!

Well…..here we go again. Time for another look into some of our favorited Tweets.

This is part of an ongoing segment here on the Umoove blog that tracks and brings to light some of the top tweets that mention eye-tracking. We display the tweet and discuss it. Want to join into the conversation? Feel free to comment here, Tweet us, or find us on Facebook.

Hit it boys!

Tweet One:

This tweet links to an extremely interesting article about gaze-tracking and gets right to the core question of gesture interaction and web analytics at large: Who is looking at what and for how long?

The article challenges conventional wisdom and says that just because somebody is focused one thing doesn’t mean they aren’t seeing and absorbing other areas of a web page.

The author, Graham Jones, gives the example about the famous “F pattern” (the theory that web users always read content from left-to-right and up and down while focusing on the left-hand side of the screen). He says that if this theory is true, how then does Google make so much money off of ads that are featured on the right side of the page? It seems odd if nobody is looking there. According to new research, users utilize peripheral vision far more often than we realize. According to this study, just because we are not focused on a certain area of a website, doesn’t mean that it isn’t making an impression

Tweet Two:

Frankly, it is a bit upsetting that we didn’t notice this app earlier because it is hilarious. The tweet links to “a cool eye-tracking app” that is available for Android devices. Since it’s already May and April Fools Day has been in our rear view mirror for a some time now, we will ruin the surprise and let you know that this is a prank.

The app tells users to hold the camera closer and closer to their face while opening their eyes wider and wider. It then takes an extremely awkward picture and displays it with a subtext of “April Fools!”.

Always listen to machines no matter what they tell you to do? Lesson learned.

Tweet Three:

This tweet links to an an article about a pair of glasses/goggles that looks about as cozy as Oculus Rift.

The goggles track movement and gaze. Cool? Definitely! Comfortable? No way! Expensive?

What do you think?

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