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Jun 02 2016

Umoove on Bloomberg’s HelloWorld

eye tracking

Tremendous thank you to Ashlee Vance and the entire team at Bloomberg TV for visiting our Jerusalem offices to demo the software only eye tracking technology. You can watch the entire piece below – it does a fantastic job profiling some of the most cutting edge technology in Israel. Click the image above to view …

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Sep 21 2015

Umoove on Business Insider

software only eye tracking

Thank you Business Insider for including us on this exciting list of hottest Israeli startups of 2015!

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Sep 11 2015

uHealth Featured on Fox News

Screenshot of Fox News piece on uHealth

Make sure to check out this awesome story on Fox News that highlights Alex Gordon, a college student in New York who is using uHealth to improve her focus and attention on campus.

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Sep 09 2015

The NFL and Concussions – Mr. Goodell goes to Washington

NFL concussion

Once again the NFL is facing a tremendous amount of scrutiny and backlash (and this time it’s not about a name change or deflated footballs). A brutal article ran today on Politico discussing the political impact of traumatic brain injuries and the game of football. Here’s a snippet from the article: “[T]he NFL is going on …

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Aug 23 2015

Eye Tracking-Uses for Diagnosing Neurological Disorder

Eye movement diagnosis

Researchers say eye tracking could diagnose brain disorders more accurately than subjective questionnaires or medical examinations. To make sense of all that people see, the brain filters huge amounts of visual information, fills in gaps and focuses on certain objects. That complex task uses many mental circuits, so differences in what people choose to look …

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Aug 04 2015

Eye Tracking and Brain Injuries

eye tracking diagnoses concussions in athletes

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the brain but can the eyes be the window to brain injuries as well? As seen in the World Cup finals match between the USA and Japan, when two players attempting to head the ball instead head-butted each other, they were each required to pass …

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Jul 14 2015

Eye Tracking and Autism Diagnosis

eye tracking infants for autism diagnosis

This post is the first in a new series that covers the correlation between eye tracking and neurological disorders. Scientists have been using eye tracking technology for a while now, and it seems like it’s working really well! Sensory hypersensitivity is one of many symptoms that a child with autism experiences. Stimuli bombard the brain, …

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Jun 30 2015

Out Of The Eyes of Babes

eye tracking infants

Talk about a long term commitment! Researchers in Europe tracked eye movement in infants in order to predict behavioral patterns up to ten years down the road! We’ve often written here that the eyes are the window the the brain but these researchers have taken that idea to an entirely new level. Here is a link to …

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May 11 2015

The Eyes that Bind

eye tracking and advertising

Is display advertising dead? This recent article says that the average click-through rate on display ads is 0.1% (that is roughly the same percentage of years that the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series since their establishment in 1870). Eye tracking may have provided the miracle remedy that this business needs and as it turns out, display ads are only mostly dead. …

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Apr 09 2015

We’ve Been Bloggin’ For a Year

eye tracking blog birthday

Happy first birthday to the Umoove Blog!!!   Thanks for a great year of talking about eye tracking, futuristic technology and human machine interaction. We look forward to being your destination for eye tracking news and fun for years to come. Enjoy this song from Steely Dan (and consider changing the words to We’ve Been …

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